Are you having difficulties in your life at this moment, darling?


Unsure of your decisions? Want to find a way to make an easier decision or prepare for unexpected joys or risks?


It is more than fine. We are all facing some crossroads questioning the life itself, at times.


I would be pleased to help you in your personal development journey, Queen.


Tarot Cards Reading can be an easy tool for you to obtain bigger level of self-awareness, which you absolutely deserve in your life!




  • live 15 min session with reading done right on spot
  • it contains 5 card reading
  • specific question answers (focusing on one specific question works the best for this reading as it offers more  background into the problem and helps understand the various forces affecting the situation. It also provides some insight into the possible solutions)
  • the cards will give answers to: Present (the question and full situation itself), Past (what is influencing you from the past and affecting the situation), Motivations (what led to the situation or question), Outcomes (possible outcomes that might come from following suggested course of aciton), Future (future situation or natural course)




I want to provide you with warm guidance, knowledge on your present situation, obstacles, conscious factors and unconscious factors playing a role, nearby past, nearby future, your future position and viewpoints, viewpoints of other people; hopes, fears and expectations, and expected results


Tarot Cards plays a passionable role in my life. I have been giving the readings since my teenage years and I am always keen to help others find their messages through Tarot.


Once you purchase this reading, the PDF file as comfirmation will be attached to your order. Follow the link from the file to schedule the live tarot reading session. You'll be asked there to provide your question for the reading too.


I would be honored, if you would allow me to guide you, dear.


Tarot Cards Energy Reading (Live)