Does Planning Truly Restrict Freedom?

There is one myth, the main evil seed that restricts people manifesting their dreams.

If you have this belief inside yourself – you barricade yourself with huge walls from your own dreams, while they are the ones knocking on the wall desperately hoping to get in.

I have been constantly asked “How can you do so many things?” and of course my answer always is quite plain “ I PLAN”.

Yes, pretty much no true miracle formula or magical method, deary!

I need to admit, I am always fascinated by the reaction that goes afterwards.

Around 60 % of people take this myth outside their pockets and rub it straight in the face “But planning restricts the freedom. I better be free”.

You know these moments when you just have few minutes of silence and want to facepalm yourself, like twice? Exactly that.

Either we like it or not, we always plan at some level.

Whatever we do daily in our lives such as breakfast, dinner, going to work and buying groceries after work is all considered as planning. Every action, where you decide when and what to do is considered to be planning.

So, be aware when you use the words “I do not plan”, because you would be only lying to yourself...

This means that the only difference in planning is actually the way how it is done and the productivity level we give to it.

Did you ever notice how, at times, you have a free day and decide to do an important task in the morning, yet you postpone it till the noon?

Afterwards, you postpone it till the dinner and in the end you just elaborate that it is already an evening. It is late, you have other important issues to attend (such as watching Netflix on your sofa, because that is always truly extremely important).

And this is how the important task is left for the next day, sometimes it continues to the next day, the week, even months and… years, actually shifting to “NEVER”.

You planned the day, yet it was re-planned. In fact, you re-planned it with other tasks, even if those were scrolling through Facebook all day long.

So, most people would call this day freedom, generally, because they do not feel being obliged to do something.

The only obligations present are your own decisions.