...But This Has Been Done Before

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

One of the biggest issues why we do not start our passions, why we do not implement ideas, why we do not jump into our desires is "...but this has been done before" excuse.

Ever heard that one before, Queen?

I call it an excuse, because it is truly a quite ridiculous argument. Sorry, if that sounds mean, just follow on with me to understand what exactly I mean, hehiam.

I have seen many women light up when they talk about their passions, their new business ideas or their goals.

That moment when their eyes shine more than their smile, their voice changes, their energy expands - omg, that moment is absolutely precious!

That moment shows me that they want it and, more importantly, they need it, because that thing they want already creates so much joy and beautiful changes in their whole body.

And then it all changes... the dark clouds come in... The eyebrows twitch. The lips fall down. The light disappears as they say "..But this has been done before".


Well...you know what? Yes, it has been.

The odds that you are creating something new are very slim. Most of the things already have been created or they are the extensions of the things that have been created.

But think about this: What if Elvis Presley would have said "..but this has been done before, screw this"?

What if Jim Carrey would have said" "..but there is already enough comedians"?

What if Dalai Lama would be like "I do not think I can inspire anyone, cause there are already enough inspiring people in the world"?

It does not matter, if it has been done before. Because the way how you are gonna do it will be different.

Because it will be YOUR OWN SPECIAL WAY.